11 Reasons to Become a Cybersecurity Expert

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As a greater amount of our everyday activities come to rely upon information stored on web-connected systems, the opportunity for cybercrime increases as does the requirement for skilled cybersecurity experts.

Symantec CEO Michael Brown anticipated that there will be a demand for 6 million cybersecurity experts worldwide by 2019, with a projected setback of 1.5 million.

Associations in the administration, finance, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare services claim to have a "troublesome deficiency" of information security skills. This isn't astonishing, given the immense amount of delicate (and monetizable) information in those associations, and the high regulatory strain to secure that data.

The continued increment in cyber attacks combined with the effect of regulations such as GDPR has prompted huge interest for well-trained cybersecurity, information security, and IT risk experts. It is a consequence of the above factors that specialists in cybersecurity are among the most sought-after experts in the technology sector, with demand for personnel in that field outpacing other IT jobs by a wide margin.

Regardless of whether you're simply planning a career or considering a career change, this is an incredible time to think of cybersecurity as a new career option.


Attify brings to you - 11 fundamental reasons why you ought to be enthusiastic about considering cybersecurity as a career choice:

High Compensation Packages

The appeal for cybersecurity experts, combined with the shortage of skills has prompted an expansion in compensations in 2018 and the same pattern is expected to proceed into 2019.

Also, a vocation as a cybersecurity expert does not confine you to working for an IT organization. Each association across every industry needs security specialists to support and enhance their IT security foundation.

With the heightened shortage of cybersecurity professionals, companies are often more than willing to pay competitive packages when the right candidate walks in.

High Appeal

Innovation alone isn't sufficient to anticipate, distinguish, react to, and recuperate from cybersecurity episodes; there is additionally a critical requirement for talented individuals. Contingent upon the source, the current unemployment rate for cybersecurity experts is close to or underneath zero. The fact of the matter is, demand is high and surpasses supply.  

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs in 2021, up from an estimate of 1 million by Cisco in 2014.

It can safely be said that anyone with cybersecurity experience will not go unemployed in the forthcoming years.

Boundless Potential for Growth

Taking into account our increasing dependence on new technologies and the simultaneous rise in the number of cyber attacks, a career in cybersecurity holds immense potential, both in terms of career growth and learning opportunities. With attackers devising more advanced attack techniques, cybersecurity professionals are frequently confronted with challenging situations that open up new learning opportunities. If you’re someone who loves a challenge, cybersecurity might just be your dream career.


Diversity in Work

With cybersecurity not being limited to any one sector or any specific industry, cybersecurity professionals tend to come from a diverse set of backgrounds. In other words, if you are looking at cybersecurity as a career option, you may be someone with expertise in more than one area. The majority of open doors for development come from the variety of technology advancements and circumstances security experts confront. As a part of the cybersecurity community, you would get the opportunity to work with diverse groups operating on various systems & technologies, further expanding your knowledge base.

An Important Role in the Current Context

As a cybersecurity specialist, you are on the cutting edge of shielding imperative private data in your business from a wide range of inconvenience including reputational harm, loss of client and partner trust, and financial losses.

Cybersecurity professionals are most required within the current scenario where dangers of cybercrime are not just restricted to the digital sphere but, have also penetrated the physical sphere. With the development of technologies that can be exploited to extract customer data and in some cases, even pose significant threats to lives (read Abbott Pacemakers and Defibrillators case), cybersecurity as a profession is ever expanding and shows no signs of slowing down.


Opportunity to Solve New Puzzles Everyday

In cybersecurity, we depend on certain true and tested standards. However, with more advanced technologies entering the cyberspace, present strategies often get modified accordingly. With emerging technology, there's always another riddle that should be unravelled.

And as we’ve seen already - with each new rush of innovation, risks are elevated. It's the duty of the security expert to recognize, comprehend, and help address these dangers. As a cybersecurity expert, it is quite safe to say that your job will be anything but dull and thrill of overcoming challenges would remain constant throughout your career.


Far from being a Mundane Job

Low-to-no unemployment and reasonable pay are the two primary prerequisites for a career in cybersecurity. But more essentially, it's a profession that you'll never be bored with. When you are faced each day with ransomware, phishing attacks, social media attacks, and unpatched programs, how can you even expect a job that is exhausting and dreary?

Exceptionally Transferable

Numerous occupations are tied to explicit areas, yet a vocation in cybersecurity is profoundly portable — all things considered, we are in a data economy. Wherever there is a network connection, you can be at work (however there's both an upside and a drawback to that).

Good News for Newcomers

The less-settled nature of this field can make a situation that favours technical knowledge and legitimacy over experience. This doesn't imply that experience isn't crucial — it's simply that an absence of it isn't really a major issue for employers. An industry booming with potential yet, experiencing a serious shortage of talent has led companies to hire candidates on the basis of their capacities instead of their track record. This makes cybersecurity one of the most sought-after and lucrative careers across the globe.

The Learning Never Stops

New risks and the measures to mitigate them show up rapidly and so, it's vital for security experts to remain informed. This non-stop learning procedure is a factor that can't be disregarded for this job. There are several web assets and cybersecurity blogs to enable you to keep a pulse on new techniques, tech advances, and patterns in the field. Government sources and industry events can likewise enable you to keep updated with the latest know-how throughout your career.


Never too late to Start

It's never past the point where it is possible to begin. In case you're truly feeling it, make the transition now and reap the benefits while you still are able to.

If you pick this career path, you'll always have room to develop. You'll persistently be adapting to see new advancements and learn new skills. New difficulties will keep springing up, and you'll see a huge number of new opportunities and situations.

What more could you look for in a career? Take the plunge now.

Getting a relevant security training certification is one of the primary steps towards starting a profession in cybersecurity. On the off chance that you don't have any foundation in the network and system security, the Attify Certification Program would be a good entry point.


The profoundly powerful field will enable you to advance through the career ladder at a quicker pace than other sectors. Make sure that you demonstrate your capacity to advance and build up your range of skills by earning industry accreditations.

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