Offensive security OSCP student control panel pwned!!

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Hey Guys,

I want to share an interesting finding where I was able to do a Privilege escalation attack through Insecure Direct Object References (IDOR) in Offensive Security’s OSCP control panel.

So sometime back I decided to do a quick Vulnerability Assessment on the Offensive Security’s website ( . After looking around for a while there weren’t any direct identifiable vulnerabilities to be found.  At the same time, one of my acquaintance was taking one of the certification exams offered by Offensive Security (OSCP)  was working on the labs.

I had a look at my URL for my lab environment for OSCP, and something looked interesting. I started looking for injection and authorization flaws, after I noticed a parameter pid=117544  as shown in the image:

[![Oscp-cp-1](]( the IP addresses of the machines and days left.

Testing for parameter manipulation, I changed the value of pid=117543 to another value and I was presented with the control panel of other user as shown in the below image:

[![Check the IP address and days left. ](]( the IP address and days left.

And this was how easily I was able to access any other user account as well as to reset other  machines on the network using this specific vulnerability.

The root cause was there was no sufficient authorization check on the server side for the parameter pid  and wasn’t properly mapped with the user sessions.

Offensive Security was quick on fixing this vulnerability.

[![offsec-response](]( Response

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