Offensive IoT Exploitation training - Q4 2017

Offensive IoT Exploitation training - Q4 2017

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If you have been wanting to learn IoT Exploitation but never got a chance, here’s something that you’ll be interested in.

It’s the end of the year and we have a couple of more training classes that we are running all around the world. The registration links are provided along with the training description.

Offensive IoT Exploitation – 5-day BootCamp in San Francisco

**Location: **San Francisco, CA

**Dates: **16th-20th Oct, 2017

Our very own extensive 5 days BootCamp class where we cover everything from basics to advanced of IoT exploitation – including hands-on exercises and labs of all the topics covered.

You also get to take home our popular IoT Exploitation learning kit for free of cost. The class size is extremely limited for this one as we like teaching our classes to a small group of people so that everyone gets the most out of it.

We go IN-DEPTH into the topics, and make sure that you get both the foundational concepts as well as enough time to practice the hands-on labs during the 5-day BootCamp.

Some of the things that we cover during the training are: Embedded Device Hacking, UART, SPI, JTAG Debugging and Exploitation, Firmware RE and Exploitation, ARM and MIPS binary reverse engineering and identifying vulnerabilities and exploitation, Software Defined Radio, Radio Reversing, ZigBee and BLE Exploitation and more.

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**Practical Hands-on Internet of Things Hacking – 2017 Edition @ OWASP AppSec USA **

**Location: **Orlando, FL

**Dates: **Sept 19-20th

This is our 2-day class at OWASP AppSec USA happening in Orlando. We cover a number of topics ranging from Firmware Exploitation to Hardware Exploitation to SDR.

This is a fast-paced training but we will cover a number of various tools and techniques and look into ways in which IoT devices could be exploited.

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Practical Internet of Things Exploitation @ HackFest

**Location: **Quebec, Canada

**Dates: **October 31st & November 1-2nd

If you are from Canada, this is your first and only opportunity this year to attend Aditya’s training in-person. It’s a 3-day class with a number of IoT devices being exploited and also gain insight into the security of so-called Smart devices.

The training will be fast-paced as well as good amount of time being spent on labs and exploiting both real world IoT devices as well as custom made vulnerable setups.

To sign up and know more, click here –

**Offensive IoT Exploitation @ Power of Community **

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Dates: 6th – 8th Nov, 2017

IoT Hacking comes to South Korea. Did you wanted to attend the popular Offensive IoT Exploitation class but never got a chance? This is your opportunity to travel to South Korea and attend the 3-day training class.

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