Cyber Dust – Innovative and Cutting Edge

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I am continually impressed with the security aspects of **[Cyber Dust](**. The initial idea of Cyber Dust is – texts disappear and are not retained, not even on a server. Everyone can chat with a sense of security and know that what is said can be held with a feeling of great confidentiality. Another feature of Cyber Dust is detection of who can and can’t screenshot. It seems iOS devices can screenshot, but the other person is notified. It seems Android completely blocks screenshots. That’s a generalization since I have not tested either platform extensively, but I can attest that on my iPhone 6+ with iOS 8.3, the other person is notified and I was able to take a screenshot.

The newest feature just released is blocking the use of AirPlay. I found this really cutting edge because in all of the apps I look at and the security features built into them on the FRONT END, this is the first I have seen an app to block usage of AirPlay. So, I turned on AirPlay, turned on my 40″ TV that my Apple TV is connected to and this is what I saw when I opened the Cyber Dust app:


After hitting Continue 96,000 times, I still couldn’t get to the contacts on my list in the app. It renders the app useless until you turn off AirPlay. This inspired me to scan the app itself to see what, if any, security issues there might be in the code, but that is a private discussion.

What benefits could this feature have with other apps? The first scenario that comes to mind is when presenting in front of group of people and you accidentally tap an app that might have sensitive financial information, like a banking app (a setting the app could allow you to control). Maybe apps that are regulated by HIPAA / FDA where broadcasting sensitive PHI / PII would be construed as data leakage. Any other scenarios that this feature could be beneficial? I honestly would like to see this security feature added to other apps, either hardcore in preventing access or the ability to choose.

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