Advanced Android and iOS Hands-on Exploitation training

Advanced Android and iOS Hands-on Exploitation training

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Mobile Security in 2018 is still a critical pain point for enterprises and startups globally. Multiple mobile applications are being found to be vulnerable to critical security issues all the time.

However, even when everyone is talking about Mobile Application security, there are not enough online resources to learn exploitation (and thus security) of applications on the Android and iOS platform.

Attify, started teaching our Mobile exploitation training class around 6 years back, which was received extraordinarily well at all the various conferences and organisations where we taught this class.

Our ideology of teaching a topic is simple - "Learn by Doing". This is why unlike other training courses, we put a lot of attention in performing exercises and labs during the class, rather than attendees just having a look at the slides.

We didn't run a lot of classes of our Mobile training - "Advanced Android and iOS Hands-on Exploitation" in 2017, as we were too focused on building our new course Offensive IoT Exploitation (more on that later). However, we did get a chance during the past few months to revamp our Mobile training class and make it the most cutting-edge and practical training class being offered around Mobile Application security and Penetration testing in 2018.

We also reached out to all of our 1000+ previous training students who have earlier taken this class and asked them what were the previous challenges they faced earlier and what would they like to see in the new version. Below are the top responses:

  • I wish this training was online, so that my whole team could have attended it.
  • I was completely new to Android and iOS security before the class. Even though I got a lot of practical experience, I wish there was more time to perform the exercises.
  • The food/weather was not good - this was an issue with the various conference locations where we taught the class

So we decided to launch the online version of this class - NO, they are not recorded videos - it is LIVE - broadcasted to you in realtime - wherever you are!

You can ask questions, doubts, queries, perform exercises along with the instructor and receive additional material to continue your journey further in the mobile application security space.

We have also ensured that the class starts from the very basics ground up, so even if you are absolutely new to Android or iOS application security, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get started in 2018.

Some of the topics that we are covering in our online live training class are:

  • Android and iOS application reverse engineering
  • Finding hardcoded and sensitive secrets in mobile applications
  • Static analysis of Android and iOS applications
  • Performing network traffic analysis and looking at protections
  • Hooking and Debugging mobile applications
  • Reverse engineering using Frida and Cycript
  • Runtime manipulation based exploitation
  • Security of Data at rest and at transit
  • Content Provider Leakage
  • IPC Based security issues
  • URI Handlers based vulnerabilities
  • Assembly level reverse engineering and ARM introduction
  • API based security issues
  • Reversing protections, obfuscations and other preventive measures
  • Effective pentesting of Mobile applications

If this is something that you wish you knew and would provide you a step ahead in your career, this is an opportunity you should not miss.

Sign up for the course directly here or click on the button below.

If you have any queries or questions, reach out to us through here.